Case studies

BP UK Logistics

Case study: BP UK Logistics


BP UK Logistics (now part of UK SAM) identified several areas which required attention after an audit by BP Group HS&O. Expand... Collapse

These items included the need for a robust safety management system and advanced control over the supporting documentation. They required development and implementation over a very tight deadline.


Matrix provided suggestions and solutions which were developed and produced into bespoke systems within a short space of time. We implemented the Management of Change, Permit to Work and Contractor Assurance Systems in just 8-months. To date they continue to be used by the team.

One of the key benefits from working with Matrix has been the individual attention to detail and 'ownership' of the system by the Matrix team. What starts as an idea is quickly discussed with suggestions for improvement. I feel that the projects that are important to me are worked on by an individual with the same desire to get an end product fitting my requirements whilst suggesting areas that may be improved or simplified.

Daryn Smith
HSE Advisor


TAQA Bratani Limited

Case study: TAQA Bratani Limited


TAQA Bratani Limited identified a need for an integrated Business Management System to create a more effective business management process. Expand... Collapse


Matrix were selected to provide this application and worked with TAQA to customise our standard Matrix Management System MAT-Sys to fit their specific needs. The Business Management System (BMS) software is utilised for TAQA Bratani’s North Sea operations.

We also provided support services for TAQA’s HQ in Aberdeen and its four North Sea oil installations – Cormorant Alpha, North Cormorant, Tern and Eider. The system has been installed and has met all performance expectations including testing, documentation retrieval time and information search criteria.


BP Exploration Algeria

Case study: BP Exploration Algeria


BP Exploration Algeria approached us in September 2008 when their business was getting ready to start a large seismic campaign in South-East Algeria. Expand... Collapse

BPXA was looking for a provider of electronic systems to support their new HSSE Management System and Environmental Management System and to help with tracking actions related to implementation of the system.


Matrix provided the MAT-Sys Management System and MAT-Track Action Tracking System. We tailored the general system template to fit BPXA’s specific business needs.

The benefits that our business gained through using the products included:

  • access to HSSE documentation from all locations
  • user-friendly and easy to navigate system to use during audits
  • very favourable feedback from the external auditors about the way the system is organised
  • efficient action tracking device

It's a good, effective product, absolutely fit for purpose and provided at a competitive price. All aspects of communication, delivery and after sales service were extremely professional and delivered in a timely manner and on budget.

Elena Rainey
Environmental Advisor
BP North Africa SPU


Agip KCO

Case study: Agip KCO


Agip KCO N.V. is responsible for the execution of Phase I of the Kashagan offshore oil field development and for the project execution for the onshore facilities of Phase II of the development. Expand... Collapse

The Kashagan field is the largest oilfield discovered in the North Caspian Sea PSA contract area and is considered to be the most important oil discovery worldwide since the Prudhoe Bay in Alaska’s North Slope in 1968.

With such a significant project Agip KCO required a robust system that would integrate essential modules to help manage the project and to ensure compliance with international standards for safety and environmental responsibility.

The framework needed to cover both onshore and offshore facilities and pipelines.


Consulting with Agip KCO’s operations personnel, Matrix is developing the framework for the Electronic HSE Case for the Kashagan Field Development including a Major Accident Hazards (MAH) Management function and its component HSE case and modules.

The components specific to the framework will include an Electronic HSE Case and a MAH Management system that will integrate an HSE Critical Actions Tracking system, an HSE Management system and a Standards Comparison database.

Work on the project is underway and is scheduled for completion in 2011.

Matrix leads the field in the development of electronic HSE Case applications as such it was no surprise that they were the preferred contractor to help develop the framework for the Agip KCO Operations Electronic HSE Case for the Kashagan Field Development.

Matrix was flexible enough to not only meet our initial expectations but working together with personnel within our department they have continued to meet our ever changing requirements as we develop this new management tool.

Their ability to visualise the same corporate vision of the HSE developers within the company has brought many benefits through cost, time and resource savings.

Paul Snowdon
Head of Safety
Agip KCO Project



Case study: HESS


HESS Denmark required a Management System to help improve business efficiency for their projects and operations in their head office in Copenhagen and their South Arne offshore facility in the Danish sector of the North Sea. Expand... Collapse

They required a system capable of linking together documentation and standards, which would apply to all aspects of the business, not just HSE.


Matrix customised the standard version of its MAT-Sys Management System and provided a full Business Management System to satisfy the requirements of HESS Denmark.

Our intention is for the system to be taken up and used by all business functions in HESS Denmark and be acknowledged as a valuable tool for improving business efficiency and understanding. Longer term we anticipate it to be the adopted tool of choice for BMS development across HESS E&P.

Matrix has demonstrated that a small company has the ability to respond quickly to provide a world class product and service, that they can offer professional, friendly and efficient advice and deliver on schedule or better.

So far I think the product is first class, simple to use and can be easily maintained and has endless potential for expanding with extra features as required to suit customer needs and system maturity.”

Mike George
EHS Manager
Hess Services UK Ltd


Wood Group

Case study: Wood Group


Wood Group Engineering (WGE) Aberdeen required a Management System for use on their latest Engineering and Construction contract win. Expand... Collapse

They needed an integrated Business Management System (BMS) that could be used in Aberdeen and offshore.


Matrix developed and customised their MAT-Sys Management System to meet the specifications of WGE and delivered an integrated BMS. Matrix hosts the system and provides support and maintenance services as part of the contract.

In a schedule critical asset transition process, we required the coalescing influence of an overarching Management System. This was not a time for a metered and reflective exploration of new techniques; we needed something credible and capable. Matrix gave us that!

As always, Matrix has delivered a system that has met our expectations – it’s a functional and stable product with a good price-point, thus good value to our Clients and us.

In terms of the service received, Matrix would be on my list of first choices, due to overall “good feeling” from the product, the people and the package”.

Jim Ewen
QHSE Director
The Wood Group