Computer Based Training Module

CBTPlus+ is a desktop application that can be used to create your own Computer Based Training (CBT) modules. Create stunning training/educational tools on any subject of your choice. Add multimedia training material in the form of text, drawings, photos, graphics, sound and video. Test user's knowledge and understanding with randomly generated multiple choice questions. Results are made available to your nominated System or Training Administrator in the form of performance statistics, exportable reports (to Excel) and individual trainee test certificates.

CBTPlus+ can be either PC or network based (when installed on a system server), making it accessible to licensed users centrally from your own CBT library. Ideal as part of an ongoing training program in order to refresh or update your employees and contractors Its uses are endless, for example: teaching, emergency response; inductions; equipment use; operating procedures; software usage.

Ideal for any subject which requires education, training and a demonstration of understanding and competence.

Functions and features

  • Intuitive and easy to use - add and edit text, drawings images and multimedia in seconds
  • Add your own branding and colour scheme
  • Upload and present learning material with self-test questions for instant feedback on learning and understanding
  • Upload and present rotating multiple test questions
  • Captures test results, performance records and displays test statistics for analysis
  • Fully editable for easy update; capture changes and change history
  • Use as an on-going training program in order to refresh or update your employees
  • Interactive with information presented in a clear, easily understood format
  • Secure login and full system administration

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