Action Tracking System

ActionTrackerPlus+ is an extremely flexible tool for managing all types of actions irrespective of their source (i.e. audits, accidents, reviews, investigations, compliance, HAZOP, environment, social responsibility, maintenance, non-conformances, quality, health, safety, lessons learned, health checks, meetings, operations, notifications, near misses, legislation, etc).

It is highly intuitive, easy to use and being web based can be accessed on-line anytime, anywhere.

Everything is presented on one well-laid-out, easy-to-read screen.

Because of its flexible, intuitive design, it is quick and simple to configure and deploy.

You can make changes to the system settings yourself, you don't have to call us.

ActionTrackerPlus+ follows a simple action management control process (pre-set workflow that can be customised by us to meet your company needs) and keeps an audit trail of actions, history and evidence of completion.

ActionTrackerPlus examples

ActionTrackerPlus+ enable users to:

  • Meet deadlines
  • Prioritise actions
  • Manage tasks/actions
  • Follow a defined process
  • Keep management up to date
  • Attach supporting documentary evidence for close-out and verification
  • View Built-in Management dashboards
  • Monitor real time performance