Barrier Management System

What's different about BowtiePlus+?

BowtiePlus+ is very different from other Bowtie software - it's the next generation which doesn't stop at static Bowtie diagrams or require a collection of other 'bolt-ons' to extend their use into Operations.

BowtiePlus+ is unique in that it has many first time features which have not been available until now:

  • One single seamless system which can be used to initially develop Bowties or import Bowties created elsewhere, and act as a Barrier Management System during operations and beyond
  • Alerts Operations personnel via emails and dynamic 'traffic light' display, of increased risk due to the degradation of critical safety and environmental controls
  • Enables informed decisions to be made, and action taken to prevent further escalation of a potential Major Hazard Accident
  • Uses the strength of Bowties diagrams - the visual communication of Barriers, Threats and Consequences associated with a potential Event - to dynamically display increases in risk
  • Direct comparison can be made between the Bowties used in a Safety Case's ALARP demonstration, forming the basis of the Case's approval, with the actual status of the safety and environmental critical controls during operations
  • Can be used as a standalone system for projects i.e. during design, engineering, construction and installation due to its internal Critical Task Management System (CTMS)
  • Can be used as a diagnostic tool for checking internally or externally generated Bowties
  • Identifies any Inherent Cumulative Risk due to multiple Barrier depletions across all of your Bowties.

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How does it work?

BowtiePlus+can create dynamic Bowties internally or import static Bowties from elsewhere and display them in a dynamic form. It then receives data from the CMMS on the 'Hard' Barriers, and/or the CTMS on the 'Soft' Barriers (or both depending on which mode is being used), on the actual status of the Barriers in 'real time' and displays it on the dynamic Bowtie.

BowtiePlus examples

Everytime the status of a Barrier changes, its colour changes and a warning email is sent to the Barrier Owner and to nominated others.

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